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1: Download iTunes (if you already don't have it) or Open iTunes.

2: Go to the iTunes Store and make sure you're logged out of your account.

3: Scroll down to change country

4: Since the US Store only accepts US credit cards, you have to click 'App Store'

5. Scroll to the 'TOP FREE APPS' and get the first one.

6: A pop up window will appear, click on 'Create New Apple ID'

7: click 'Continue' and accept the Terms and Conditions.

8. Fill in the information for your apple ID using a different email and click 'Continue'

9. Your Payment Method will be set automatically for 'None'

10. Setting up your Billing Address. You can use http://www.fakeaddressgenerator.com It's recommended to use a Florida Address, so scroll down on the right. And you'll get the information you need to create your New Apple ID.

11. Verify your New Apple ID. An email will be sent to you, click the link, fill in the information and click 'Verify Address'. Now you're all set.